Become a Forklift Trainer in 3 Easy Steps

Our accredited forklift training has helped so many students get on their feet and take control of their life.
Whether you are an individual seeking forklift training or a corporate group of people, we whole heartedly welcome you
to the most extensive forklift training experience of all time.



Pick up your phone line and give us a call today to get all the information you need in order to enrol in our forklift training. Our representatives are always welcoming and helpful in whatever information you need.



With the kind of extensive forklift training that we provide, by the end our students are more than prepared to pass whatever kind of difficult assessment may come. We equip you up with a certificate at the end of your forklift training.



This is the last and the most satisfying step out of all. Once you are certified through our forklift training, you will be instantly showered with a large number of forklift operating jobs that are rewarding and dreamy.

Types of Forklift Training we Offer

We are honoured to be able to offer various types of forklift training which involves various kinds of forklifts. For instance:
Counterbalance Forklift this is the most common kind of forklift that is used in most of the warehouses. As the name suggests it is a great forklift when it comes to picking up weight and being able to balance it properly.

Reach Truck Forklift

This is another kind of forklift that is usually used to reach higher tops. This is again usually the most commonly found forklift in warehouses all across the UK.

Side Loader Forklift

Well it’s a light forklift made for heavy work. The claws of this forklift are sideways and is used commonly in areas where there is a lot of weight involved.

Career Guidance and Forklift Operator Jobs

Soon as you qualify for the type of forklift training that you want to go for, our organization arranges a career counselling workshop where you learn so much about where and how to find rewarding forklift operator jobs around the country. Do you know you can male up to £30,000 per annum working as a professional forklift operator in the UK? This isn’t bad of a deal especially where minimum effort is required to get the job done.